Camp Burns

Playasophy Camp has been to the burn since 2010. The founders started in 2008, but took a couple burns to build up to a legitimate camp with a mission. This page documents the years that the camp has been to the Burn!


This was our first year as a real camp! About 20 people, veterans and virgins alike joined us for this burn.


In 2011, Playasophy grew to a staggering 41 members, including a large number of virgins. Our infrastructure was tested to its limits as we worked to be able to support everyone.


Burning Man 2012 (Fertility 2.0) was a good year for Playasophy. We were placed at 4:10 & Foxglove across from a camp that loved blasting karaoke at all hours.


This year we’ve moved away from talks and incorporated more organic discussions around a hookah lounge. We’ll serve cool drinks and snacks to our guests while we converse on a wide variety of topics.


The hookah lounge makes a triumphant return to match the Caravansery theme! 3:00 Plaza placement increases our public exposure even more.