Spring Project Update

Holy smokes! How is it June already?

With summer upon us, it’s time to really start planning what Playasophy is going to be like this year. We’re still waiting to hear back from the BMORG about placement (fingers crossed), but there’s still a lot that we can start working on to make this burn awesome.

Critical NW

Unfortunately, the majority of Playasophy’s Seattle members are unable to attend Critical this year. We brought our safety dome, sound system, and full hookah setup back from the burn last September in hopes of making a name for ourselves at Critical, but there just won’t be enough people to organize and watch it. If anyone’s interested in trying to pull this together, let us know!

Firefly yurt made from bamboo and cloth.

More info on Critical.


Like everything else, Greg’s bringing the Wonderdome into Clojure to make it easier to visualize. He’s got a pretty cool working model of our large dome, and will start planning how to cut and organize the LED strips onto the triangles of the dome. It’s going to look pretty badass.

Wonderdome pastel colors

On the coding side of this, let him know if you want to write a visualization mode. We only had about 10 different modes last year (including one blinding secret Konami mode…thanks Geeber), and would love to add more to our arsenal.

Hookah Lounge

I’m taking charge of the Hookah Lounge this year, and am currently planning this year’s version. We created a great framework last year, and I’m super excited to make it even better. This is going to be our main gift during the day, providing a chill space and ice coffee/hookah during open hours. There will probably be a lot of hookah lounges this year, what with the Caravansary theme, but I think our history will give us the edge. So let’s make us stand out of the crowd!

Dusty, dusty hookah lounge

The tables, bar, and general layout will stay the same, but we’ll be adding more fabrics and decorations. A lot of the work will be shopping for fabrics and decorations, as well as making a bunch of random stuff to make the space look cooler. Any help is always appreciated :)

Burn Barrel

One thing the camp has always been missing is a burn barrel. Hopefully this is the year it becomes a reality! We were offered a burn barrel at the end of the last burn from our neighbors, but declined as it really wasn’t our personality (think flowers and gypsies…).

Know how to weld? We could use the knowledge!

Members and Tickets

Our 2014 camp roster currently has ~20 people definitely going and 12 maybes; some with tickets-in-hand, some waiting on STEP, some waiting on trades. If you don’t think you’re accounted for, let us know ASAP! Got an extra ticket? We’ve got members who will take it off your hands for face value.

And FYI, the Burner Express is already selling tickets if you’re looking to bus into the city. We had several members use the BE last year, all with positive experiences. Plus, you won’t have to worry about carpooling or gas!

Tickets timeline: http://tickets.burningman.com/

New to this whole thing? Don’t worry! http://blog.burningman.com/10principles/

As always, you can email Playasophy at info@playasophy.org with any questions, comments, and suggestions.

)’( Get excited – the man burns in 75 days! )’(

(Try not to panic)