Playasophy Camp is an organization which exists to enlighten, entertain, teach, and generally promote thoughtful discussion on a variety of topics. The Camp also owns and maintains the infrastructure necessary to provide a home to camp members during the Burning Man event. The Camp adheres to the Ten Principles of the Burning Man community.


The Camp is roughly organized in three tiers – the leadership, officers responsible for specific aspects of the camp, and general membership.


The Camp is ultimately governed by a group of three members. The leadership has final authority over all decisions. Each member of the leadership may stay in their position until they choose to step down, or until the other two leaders vote to remove them. If a position becomes open then the two remaining leaders will jointly appoint a third member. If two positions are open simultaneously then the remaining leader may make both appointments.


The leadership may delegate specific authority and responsibility to other members in the form of ‘hats’. Members who have received such delegated authority are said to be “wearing the Hat” for that activity or area of responsibility. Any given member may wear more than one Hat, and multiple members may share the same Hat.


Membership in the Camp is at the discretion of the Membership Hat and, ultimately, the leadership. The Camp firmly believes in the principle of Radical Inclusion, and will always attempt to include as many people as is logistically feasible.

Camp Infrastructure

The resources associated with the Camp and its operation are wholly owned by the leadership. These resources are shared among all members of the Camp, and for the purposes of maintaining and operating this infrastructure, members are expected to contribute to the Camp. Contributions may be labor, material, or financial in nature. For the purposes of centralizing finances, the Camp shall maintain a shared bank account. Only members of the leadership are authorized to access this account.


This charter may be amended at any time by a 2/3rds majority of the leadership.