Camping with us

Our limited resources mean we can only handle so many people, so to make sure we don’t over-commit space in our camp, we ask that you follow this procedure:

  1. Contact someone in the camp and let them know you want to camp with us. If you don’t know anyone personally, e-mail
  2. We will confirm that we still have space and let you know that we’re holding a spot for you.
  3. You’ll have a week to confirm the spot, which means you are committing to the membership dues (or to finding someone to take your spot).
  4. If we don’t hear back from you within that week, we may give the spot to someone else.

In order to have enough time to work out all the details of planning a camp, we’d like to know if you’re camping with us by July 15th. We may still be able to accomodate you after that, but it will make our lives harder. Besides, the sooner you commit the sooner you can start planning yourself, which always makes for a more fun experience. So don’t wait, bite the bullet and take the plunge now!