Burning Man is a place for anyone and everyone to share their passions with their fellow humans. In Playasophy Camp, we seek to bring our love of intellectual stimulation to Black Rock City. Our goal is to create a melting pot of ideation, where burners can gather and be enriched by each others’ minds.

  • Camp Charter: Playasophy Camp is registered in the United States as a non-profit entity.
  • Camp Policies: More information about Playasophy’s rules and expectations of its members.
  • Camping with us: Interested in coming to the next Burn with us? This page is for you!


In August of 2008, a small group of friends drove from Seattle to our first burn. Like most playa virgins, we spent that week wide-eyed and gape-jawed. By the time our heads stopped spinning a week or two after we got home, we began planning for 2009. We knew we were hooked; now it was time to build our camp. In 2009 we spent most of our effort improving our organization, and grew to 9 members. We didn’t have much of a theme, but we found ourselves spending a lot of time lounging in our geodesic dome talking about life, the universe, and matters arising from it.

In our now-annual post-burn decompression e-mail thread, we realized that this hobby could make a good theme in and of itself. The playa has an almost inexhaustible supply of audio, visual, tactile, chemical, and sexual stimulants – which we still love, by the way – but we’re going to throw some brain-candy into the mix. We’re not looking for just any old fun facts and science lessons, though. Black Rock City is itself a fountain of new ideas, perspectives, and questions. We want to peer into those questions and see what we find. We want to listen to the desert and hear what it’s telling us. Hence, we call our pursuit Playasophy: the wisdom of the sand.

And a big part of that wisdom is having a good time and not taking yourself too seriously, which we do in spades. We’re planning a broad range of activities ranging from deep and thought-provoking to light and fun to downright childish. Hope to see you on the playa!